Perspectives on Torture in Sri Lanka

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Perspectives on Torture in Sri Lanka

In 2015, torture was an ordinary phenomenon in the Sri Lankan Society within the culture of war that was created through the three decade long civil war. Various impacts made on human dignity in police stations and prisons within that backdrop indicated that launching a research like this was a timely requirement.

The research was carried out in 2015 within a wide scope obtaining data from persons living in Anuradhapura, Ampara, Batticaloa and Kalutara districts. Sixty persons who engage in various vocations including university students in the aforesaid districts were interviewed in the research in order to get an understanding of the perception of the public on torture. Six victims of violence were interviewed in the research while comprehensive discussions were held with seven officers serving in the police and the prison.

The research obtained data from the Tamil and Muslim people in Batticaloa and Ampara districts and from the Sinhalese in Kalutara and Anuradhapura districts where data collection was carried out by veteran researchers. The services of those who have competence in the field were obtained for data analysis.

The research was completed under 4 main chapters, under the headings of Introduction, Definition of Concepts, Data Analysis and conclusions and Recommendations.

This publication is available in English, Sinhala and Tamil.

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