Creating Dialogues on Rights Through Forum Theatre

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Creating Dialogues on Rights Through Forum Theatre

The publication intends to document FRC’s and Act4’s experiences of researching, designing and performing interactive drama with marginalized communities. This publication aims to provide insight, new knowledge and create awareness among staff of local civil society organizations and International NGO’s regarding the potential of forum theatre as a means of initiating and sustaining dialogues with marginal communities regarding sensitive topics such as human rights.

Individuals from marginalized communities are largely unaware of their legal rights as set out in the constitution. They are also uninformed about remedial actions and the availability of support from government authorities and other institutions when their rights are violated. It is therefore necessary to overcome these constrains through outreach programmes by means of communication media and language that is accessible at the village level. Hence, FRC used the medium of forum theatre to raise awareness in marginalized communities.

This publication is available in English, Sinhala and Tamil.

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